"Creative construction is a specialty for GL Keiser Construction.  Gordon is skilled at creating a perfect solution for that "difficult area".  His workmanship is excellent.  He, and his workers, are honest, dependable and efficient.  He can accomplish any task needed at a residence or business location.  He easily communicates with tenants, owners, property managers and real estate salesmen.  You won't be disappointed with the work he does."

M J Franklin
Marsha Franklin, owner

"We are wanting to express our admiration and respect for Gordon Keiser and the quality of his work.  We first met Gordon in the fall of 2000.  San Diego State University had recently acquired a "University House".  It is a lovely 40 year old home of approximately 6,000 square feet.  Considerable repairs and renovations were needed.  The university turned to G.L.Keiser Contracting Inc., where most of the work done was under Gordon's leadership and supervision.  Subsequently, the university sought a local contractor to do a major ($100,000) renovation.  We were delighted when G.L.Keiser Contracting won the contract and when they told us that they would put the work in Gordon's hands.  Gordon is an intelligent, hardworking pleasant person.  His ready wit and keen observational powers make him a delight to be around.  Most of all, we value his problem-solving ability and his commitment to getting the work done well.  Confronted by the scores of big and little problems that arise in the context of any major renovation, Gordon is delightfully creative and intelligent in designing and executing solutions to those problems.  We also admire his sense of balance and perspective.  Gordon works well with subcontractors; he insists that they do the work well and responsibly and does so in a way that is not unpleasant or demeaning.  We have found Gordon to be an unusually fine combination of intelligence, hard work, and human decency."
Stephen L. Weber
San Diego State University
"Thanks, Gordon, for all of your help with my house repairs.  I really appreciate your concern for my welfare as far as getting reputable work done!"

Camille Boyd

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